I Colli del Bio  is the concept of Paolo Buscaglia and Tiziano Bertolotti, friends and partners in business, who share the same passion for agriculture which is not just farming but also culture.

Respect is the key word of I colli del Bio's philosophy: respect for the environment, the origin of the products and the consumers who, thanks to e-commerce, will be able to receive directly at home the best produces and products of Italian cuisine from that part of Italy which is centered around Tortona, near Alessandria.

This land, situated in Piemonte but also close to the Oltrepò Pavese, Genoa and Piacenza, is the birth place of this project which involves four Italian regions but has an international vocation. The specialities which will finally be served on your table are organic , grown in an integrated pest control environment and produced by farmers in love with “made in Italy”.

All our products are delivered free of charge to Italy while a small contribution is required for international deliveries.

What you are about to see is more than a simple e-commerce site, it’s a place for the soul, where your appetite will be first whet and then satisfied thanks to the art of Italian cuisine. We like to think that our visitors will be able to go beyond a simple on line purchase and will live a fully gratifying experience.

I Colli del Bio would like to introduce you to the art of “good food and fair drinking”. Your eyes will delight in the wide range of products from the four provinces; your sense of smell will be aroused by the smell of the finest truffles; your taste will be gratified by the flavor of salami and cold cuts which are predominant in the north-west of Italy; your head will sense all the notes of the finest Italian wine form the world-famous “lands of vines”.

Tiziano e Paolo explain how they joined forces and why they trust the organic side of the Italian cuisine:

My grandfather Angelo Bertolotti was my inspiration. He owned lands and vineyards in Montegioco, near Alessandria. Many people worked for him and everybody in the valley knew how good the products of the “URTLAN” (farmer) were. Everyday he would go to Tortona to sell his produce, in the same square where everyday commercial transactions took place”. Tiziano is taking care of marketing while Paolo looks after the kitchen.

My family comes from the Staffora Valley, near Pavia. My father Carlo and his mother …. were born there. She left before the second world war to go to Milano and it was there that the story of our family as shop keepers began. They became professional butchers and opened several shops until in 1977 they returned to Salice Terme, near Pavia”. Paolo is putting all is know-how in this ambitious and gratifying challenge.

Please take a seat and join us at our table!